April 28th, 2003


aw, they're so purty (http://www.apple.com/ipod/)...

How can I resist? I've been holding off on getting my celebratory toy for successfully getting a job and moving away from my life (celebratory? conciliatory? whaever)... until the inevitable announcement came. I should be getting it sometime next week, or maybe the week after, if it takes especially long to ship. Mmm... 30G...
elan montage


Whoa! When did it get so late? For that matter, when did 11:30 become “late”?

This Earth and Beyond is getting me sucked in a little, I guess. Maybe it’ll survive the 5-day demo after all... Hmm.

[New Players] Windexcoors: i just wsanted name to be windex, but that was taken, and i was drinking coors so i put them together

Better sleep well tonight. Want to be alert tomorrow for, hopefully, meeting with the Dev/2000 guy. I think I hate Dev/2000, but I hope to gain the ability to not hate it, by using the technique of understanding why it does what it does.
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