April 21st, 2003


first day

I’ve got everything together that I’ll be needing... Passport, signed forms, pens and blank paper (just in case). All set to go. In half an hour, I’ll be there, going through some kind of employee orientation.

Not much more to say. This is what I’ve been waiting over six months for.
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day one

Ok, so they actually wanted to have a photocopy of my social security card, it wasn’t just that they wanted to be damn sure that I knew what my number was... A half an hour of digging through my crap in the garage, and voila. Selective Service and Social Security cards dug up. Tomorrow I guess I stop by the administrative office on my way in.

Today was really quite good though. Some silly challenges (figure out how to get my PC installed with a very very newly tweaked (and undocumented) install process), but at the end of the day my team lead actually came in (back from his all-day class) and we got to talk quite a bit about what’s coming up. And I gotta say, it actually sounds like fun, exciting work. And it’s work I know I can handle; I can ace this.

So overall, I gotta say, I’m feeling really good right now. I have a new bank account at the credit union, and a bunch of forms to look at. I should look around and make a list of apartments I’d like to call tomorrow at lunch, too. I need to look at places real soon now and figure out if Sunset Trail is the be-all end-all of apartments.
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