April 15th, 2003



What an awesome sendoff. I was so happy after it was over that I managed to keep momentum going long enough to clean up singlehandedly... Tomorrow morning all that awaits me is a sink of dishes. That’s how good this made me feel. I will miss my friends greatly, but knowing that I will be missed will give me strength. And it will keep me honest, as I keep in touch with all y’all. But really, I feel both energetic and drained... and as the endorphins wear off... that leaves “tired” in its wake.

So many good hugs, and ... it was just a great evening. Wow. I feel such an ache to leave this behind.
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taxes and moving

Well, they’re done. I even have some real business expenses on there to offset my 1099 income. It’s all together, and ready to mail. Turns out I don’t even have to wait for a 1099 form from DI to mail them in. Whew.

And now I’ve watched Simpsons (aw, Lisa has an extremely adorable moment), and King of the Hill, and I’m ready to tackle the major piece of packing. It’s daunting, but it’ll get done. And then I can pick up my dad, and get dinner with some folks, and then get ready for tomorrow.

Ooh, I should post the no parking sign now.
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...to the airport to pick up my dad... His flight’s actually showing up early on NW’s status page. Who knew such a thing was possible in this day and age? Guess it’s the wind.

Gah... So Much Left To Pack... Or so it feels. Actually, the bookshelves are almost done... Boxes and boxes of books. It’s getting closer to done. Tomorrow will be a big day. The biggest.
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goodbyes are so tiring... *sigh*

I keep on feeling like there must be more to say, and searching for the words there aren’t ... drains you.
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