April 14th, 2003


slightly painted into a corner

So all my computer cables/cards are laid out in neat little piles all over the parlor floor. I need to clean them all up and put them in bins before going to bed... But, I’m now getting really tired, and want to go to bed.

I can’t just leave this booby trap out for anyone to trip over. Must be good, must put it all away... Here goes...
Done. Good night, Irene.
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mail sent

“I just got off the phone with the people in Minnesota; they needed a commitment from me to be there next week, and I gave it to them.”

Various relevant “thank you”s went out to the recruiters in question, and I asked them to remember me in a couple years when I may be looking to come back, and... we’ll see.

I’m ready to go to Minnesota.
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