April 13th, 2003


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Saturday was good, if tiring... I went to dim sum, and had fun getting lots of the food for people; thankfully, B was able to take over halfway through and let me sit back and enjoy the rest of the meal. I was really starting to get worked up over getting the right things and not screwing up. I’m still not sure why I got so stressed about it, even if just momentarily so. I think it was because this was such an atypical dim sum crowd for me; we got three orders of the crab claw things, and a bunch of other stuff that was more experimental than most. Saw W there, that was very good, even if I am leaving town in a couple days. :-/ One missed opportunity there.

Then came the bowling, again slightly stressful as I was trying to make sure everyone was having fun. I feel bad that jered and his friend ended up four lanes away (though I am also mad that he got a 196, when all I could manage for the day was a 184 ;), largely not interacting with the rest of us... But a bunch of my friends showed up, and people seemed to get to bowl as much as they actually wanted to. I got to see forgotten_aria, kareila, and a bunch of other people who I won’t name for, y’know, their privacy. All in all, there were about ten of us.

Afterwards, there was Ground Round. Mmm, fajitas. Not bad at all, for tex-mex several thousand miles from tex or mex. And better than I could do at home without firing up a grill.

After that, off to Circuit City, where I got a new phone (more on that in another post), and then to Micro Center where I got the printable mailing labels that Circuit City didn’t have.

I was thinking of looking at family-band walkie-talkies for use on the trip back, communicating with my dad as we drive my car and the truck to Minnesota, but it doesn’t seem worth the cost for just one use of the things. I imagine they’d be useful in other situations, but realistically, would I ever use them again? I can’t think of when I would... maybe things like folk festivals or the Esplanade for the 4th, but... that’s pretty rare. I should at least price them, I suppose.

new phone

So I finally did it, I went to Circuit City and upgraded my phone from the Samsung N200 to the N400. New color screen, “PCS Vision” compatibility, spiffy digital ringers, and speakerphone. And, of course, it’s new, so battery life is at its peak. Interestingly enough, they didn’t give me store credit for the remainder of the warranty on the old phone, instead asking for an address to mail a check to; apparently it’s a different company altogether that does the warranties. Last time it was just store credit... weird.

Sprint pricing is wacky. But I figured out the right way to do it; I could just take wireless web off my old account, and put on vision, and not have to deal with any kind of minimum commitment agreement. A definite win, since the minimum plan I could get now as a new plan would be $5 more per month than my current plan.

On the other hand, I’ve used 457 peak minutes so far this month, out of ... 350. That is to say, I’m going to owe them $40 extra for minutes used. Ugh. I asked about upgrading to a 500-minute plan (the new minimum on the list I saw), and they said it wouldn’t retro. Guess this is what comes naturally of using my phone as my contact for three different active job searches in one month.

Oh well. It’s worth it this once. And thinking about it, at $5 extra per month, I would have to do this once every eight months to be worth it. And I don’t.
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I don't have any idea how to ask people for help packing things up... It feels like there isn't enough for people to do yet, that the things that remain are... things that should come later, or something. I'm sitting here, wondering what I should pack, and nothing comes to mind, so how can I tell other people to come over and help pack?

I think that I can get the rest done without too much help, actually — just company would do it, in theory. I wonder if I'm in a delusional state again... it doesn't feel like it, though. Think I'll go downstairs and pack up my DVDs, though. Won't need those before leaving, I bet.
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fun dinner mob

It was a relatively small dinner mob that just worked... reminiscing about Random Hall happened, and other things from times of yore. Lots of dinner and dessert was had, and I may have a lead on a housemate to replace me, a most unexpected side benefit!

The pho was yummy, of course. And L.A. Burdick’s. And stories, and talk about sci fi, and just general... interaction. It felt the most like the “good old days” as an undergrad than I’ve felt in a long time, actually.

It was tiring in a way, but it was also refreshing, and a good note to go out on.

I was thinking of other foods I need to get before leaving town, and the three things that came up were Mary’s, Meat on Sticks(TM), and Indian. I think I can probably do Indian Tuesday easily enough, there’s a good one of those right around the corner here... The other two, may be tricky. Maybe get my Dad out to Mary’s Tuesday night or something...

BTW, I’m picking up my dad from the airport Tuesday at 5pm, so starting around 4 I’m not going to be doing packing here after all... I guess I could leave people doing things while I’m gone, or even just hanging out, potentially, but there’s the chance it could take a little while to get there and back... Call it 6 or so. Maybe after that, Mary’s can be had with a bit of a group, including my dad. I’ll talk to him about the possibilities.
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