April 7th, 2003


most unexpected

The Core was exactly what I needed tonight. It was soooo much fun to watch cheesy heroics and people climbing over each other at the chance for self-sacrifice in the face of danger. And the science never made my teeth hurt... I loved every minute of this film!

Damn Jerry Bruckheimer for ruining the genre with the piece of crap Armageddon. Damn aint-it-cool-news for making me believe the Criterion Edition DVD of that piece of crap would have a cut of the movie that would make it not suck.

Oh, and that Hilary Swank, she da bomb.
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GPS drawing

Wow. This is really cool looking stuff. It may be worth getting a GPS capable of recording the data needed to do these things, once I start a new job, to play around with a bit.

Collapse )But now, time for bed.
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