April 2nd, 2003


Racking my brain

I only have had four crushes that have been song-level crushes, as near as I can tell. Two of them are still very good friends of mine, one is barely keeping in touch, and one has fallen completely out of my life. Huh. I have never managed to date a girl I've had a song-level crush on before... Unless there's a song I can't think of that I associate with B... And I suppose... Hmm...

"I Don't Want to Fall In Love," Groovelily

should probably be on that list. Hmm, and now that I think of it,

"Gentle Arms of Eden," Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer

These are more tenuous connections, but they are there. Hm, replace that last one with "Down to the Hollow," Trina Hamlin. Much stronger connection to that person now that I think of it. So, six song-level crushes in my lifetime. Not enough for a still-unattached thirty-year old, I don't think.
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who knew?

Took the attraction test. I like to think it’s spot on. The methods it took are weird enough that it feels like it could have done something no other test did in looking at me. Collapse )
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It was weird... I dreamed last night that I became a security guard at... a school? During its off hours. And there was some kind of arsonist going around setting schools on fire... and I kept on having to yell at all the students (wasn’t it off hours? At some point it became on hours) that the fire alarm was real, and that they really should leave the building. I kept on coming across people who were just hanging out, though.

Then there was something akin to a boss fight with the arsonist, but I don’t remember the details of that, and I don’t think there was an actual outcome of the fight in the dream.

Maybe it means something. Who knows? I think of it as a warning that some of my inner conspiracy theorist ramblings may not be totally fictional...
real me

Dean Meetup

Wednesday, Apr 2 @ 7PM --
The Times Irish Pub & Restaurant
112 Broad St
Boston, MA 02110
The Meetup spot at the venue: Entrance

So, who’s with me for tonight?
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clean room

It’s amazing what my friend M is capable of, in terms of organization. My room is the most organized room I have ever had, the most clean, the most ... livable. I’m so happy about it, everything has a place, I don’t have to push things around to get from place to place. I can pay bills, and file papers easily... And there’s room for my clothes.

Now I just need to fold my laundry, run a new chunk of laundry... and start to work on the boxes of crap I have in the parlor of the house. But my life feels so much more in control these past few weeks, with the new layout of my room in place.


What is asthma like? I know it gets hard to breathe when you’re running... but is there a such a thing as mild asthma, where it’s kinda uncomfortable, and you can feel your throat kinda wettening up as if getting ready to throw up, and you get slightly coughy? Or is that just normal? I always assumed it was normal, but I’m starting to think that maybe I have an excuse for some of my inactivity over the years... It used to hurt to run. I’m getting better, a lot better, and that makes me think it’s not asthma, but last night at DDR it reminded me of the old feeling again for a little bit...

So, what the heck is asthma? I think I’ll do some web searches.