March 18th, 2003



A friend came over yesterday and played taskmaster for me, so I would clean my room... She did a great job, this room is sooo much nicer than it was when she got here. It's organized and stuff! Whoa! I may be able to put my keyboard in under the window like I've wanted to for a while, soon... That would be nice.
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Whatever happened to my convictions? I was sitting there during the speech last night thinking "Huh. Maybe he has a point."

I think the problem was I can't keep in my mind all the different bits of info that go with this Iraq issue... Sometimes I see one side of the thing; Iraq has had 12 years to comply, the UN has been ineffective at making Iraq comply, and in some ways the last Gulf War was headed up by the US... It was kind of a peace brokered by the UN, and Iraq hasn't been following up on the obligations it took upon itself to get that peace. That makes this a little bit a continuation of that last war, in more ways than the obvious.

The UN has been forced to disagree with the US's position here, in the way the US has tried to push them around, diplomatically. If the US had dealt better with things on that front, they might already have agreed to go back in; but Bush had to take the aggressive stance, moving troops in as if the UN's agreement to the deal was inevitable, acting as if he could just order the UN around. It is extremely important to the UN to keep from being considered a US puppet, to maintain its effectiveness.

So where's that leave us? I don't know. I wonder if this could actually be the right course of action for the country to take. I didn't join the marchers in Harvard Square this weekend when they were chanting for peace. Once I would have. Whatever happened to me?
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Subject: Thank you for your application!

It may go nowhere. Or it may change my life. Who knows? Let's see what they say.
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