March 16th, 2003


b, o, w, l, i, n, g :)

Woot. We went and bowled and there was a mob, and it was excellent. I spent the evening in a whirlwind of going from lane to lane seeing how people were doing, being a little out of it and a little in it, and just having a great time. Thanks all who were there :)

And they announced my birthday over the P.A.! “On lane n, is Steve, who turns 14 today. And over on lane 55 is Chris, who is 30!” Heh. Being pointed out in the same announcement as a 14-year old... that’s the way to feel old :)

But it was a helluva way to turn 30, and I loved every minute.

Sorry to the people I missed in the invites. :-/

Oh, I bowled a 119, a 125, a 155, and was well on my way to another >150 game when they turned off the lanes at 11. I need to bowl more often, and skip the “relearn bowling” phase... Maybe get my own ball and shoes or somethin’.
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