February 20th, 2003



Google called me today, while I was in the car. I pulled over into a parking space to talk with two friends in the car, and I think I did ok. They asked about my GPA, which is never a good sign (for me), and failed to point out multiple positive things about myself that I could have fit in had I been thinking faster. She sounded like she didn’t believe I wanted to move to California (which is true, except for this job I would do it in a heartbeat)... But I’m not sure that she wasn’t saying that to try to prepare me for rejection after she got to hear my GPA.

Then I said something about the product manager interviews Saturday, and she got confused. Took a minute to straighten that out, and I don’t think that was a good impression. Turns out this was independent of the info session last night on campus, independent of the interviews this upcoming weekend. Huh. So anyway, here’s hoping. Timing is going to be critical on this, as the DI thing moves forward.

Oh, I did get to mention one thing when she asked how I did in the algorithm class (that I had to tell her I got a B in) (dammit, I should have told her about my B in the automata class as well! grr...) When she asked about algorithms I did get to mention my background in business intelligence and how that aided my algorithm background. So that could turn out all right; I wasn’t just reactive and dead-voiced the whole time...

I will know tomorrow whether she thinks I warrant further inspection as a candidate for the position. Working for Google would just be incredible. This would actually make up for not getting the Ascent job...
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