February 16th, 2003

elan montage

random set of thoughtrons

Tonight was cool. I got a couple of attacks of paranoid insecurity, and I ran out of steam before the end of the concert, but... it was really cool to dance to music again. Johnny D’s is the place.

Hm, email response from a voice from the past... Will have to start conversing tomorrow. Conversation is hard, let’s go shopping.

I think I need to figure out when I stopped being able to discern conversation in loud environments, and what changed then. I bet it was around when I started being indiscriminately destructive to my eardrums, standing in places like “in front of the amps at Middle East”.

Why do I get the feeling I’m forgetting a concert thingie coming up soon that I should be aware of? If anyone knows of one, lemme know...

I really do love telling the story of my dashboard whenever anyone comments on the funky colors. I’ve gotten to tell it to maybe six different sets of passengers in my car now. :)

One of these days I should put together a website that basically has the nightly schedules of Passim, Johnny D’s, The Middle East, The Wonder Bar, The Kendall Cafe, and TT The Bear’s (and other places I’m forgetting) in a nice easy-to-read central repository... I wonder if there would be a way for that service to make money. Or not cost me extra for bandwidth usage, at least.

How much longer can I keep babbling into LJ, and put off going to sleep? Why do I seem to want to? Eh. I’m done here... Good night.
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