February 10th, 2003

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saturday and sunday

So I wrote about Friday so far... which was a Good Day. Saturday was similarly good...

Got up around 9, had a nice lunch with two clashing social groups; it went all right, I think. Bombay Club has good food. I think that maybe one set of friends had a different expectation from that lunch than they got in the end, though. Normally that buffet lunch is a very small group, but this time I started asking around if other people wanted to join, and for once, they did... So it turned into a minor mob, though it lacked some of the usual frustrations of that kind of thing (people weren't all late and confused about arrival times and such). But still, the talk there was very different than it normally would have been, and I hope that was all right.

Afterwards things got a little confusing, and I ended up taking a little break from the group, which was fine. Anyway. Long story short.

Visited Best Buy, saw LoTR, ate at Olive Garden, slept. But it was a good time.

Hmm. Where'd that optimism and shineyness to life I had last night go? Hmm, maybe it got drowned in the post-having-eaten-a-bunch-of-starches-and-sugars crash... Damn gaming table food...
elan montage


It's like missing a massage party the day after shoveling snow. I was even invited. D'oh!

Oh, and I have bruised toes from stubbing my toe yesterday morning. And I think mild bruises on my hands where the shovel was pressed against the flesh.

In other news, saying "hi" to someone is hard. I wonder why.

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I hate this feeling... I'm reading this thing that is making me attracted to someone, and I have this fear... that I'm manufacturing the attraction because I am lonely.
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wisdom from ... tv?

"Patrick, you don't have female friends. You have a completely different agenda with women."
"I don't have an agenda! That's a bit of fancy, actually. I'm perfectly capable of being friends with women without having any kind of agenda."
"For how long?"
"As long as it takes."

Coupling has so much... substance. Ah, BBC America.
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