January 25th, 2003


crs the chef

Bottom line: Social. Productive. and, fun. And a phone call from a potential employer.

I got to cook. I made goulash, from the old edition of Joy of Cooking. It was a lot easier than I expected, especially since I got the pre-cubed beef from the market. The borscht was a lot harder. But my trusty assistant, forgotten_aria chopped a bunch of veggies, as did I, and that was the main effort that went into that. At one point the goulash was scorching, but I think it just made it taste better.

The onions that went in at the beginning disappeared into the sauce, so I may want to try something a little chunkier next time. The goulash drippings made an excellent gravy though, I have to say.

Does anyone know, is there a difference between “stock” and “broth”? Is it a question of added salt, as I suspect?

The company was great, too. *grin* tla and frolain were there, and much geeking was had. And DDR. I need to fix my DDR pad one of these days.

The cooking last night was so nice that I did it again this morning, making some flapjacks. I never realized that I have never had flapjacks before, but I just found out this morning that “flapjack” is the word for a corn meal pancake. When I went to look up “pancakes” in Joy of Cooking, that caught my eye and I had to go for it. It was amazingly easy. I guess I’m back in cooking mode. It’s been a while.
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