January 20th, 2003


new iJournal...

This is pretty nice. They got rid of the funky "brushed metal" look, thankfully, and there's a new toolbar with most of the stuff you'd want to modify about a post... It makes sense.

Seems to work well enough.
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Let’s see.

Java is cool. Been reading some books, finally, and getting the skinny on the language... played around with the Forte IDE, and I’m almost ready to go ahead and implement my first real project.

Which is good, because there is this Java job that I would like to see myself get. And maybe I can even get it. I know someone there, who seems to have confidence in me. Reading this Java book is giving me confidence in myself again, that I have had trouble with finding for a while. It feels good.

Java seems to be clicking with me. I hope it stays once I switch from the “read” phase to the “write” phase.
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