January 17th, 2003

elan montage

chaos theory

*stretch* *click* My back is making funny noises. Laptop in bed, bad idea.

But I've almost got my server back up and running the way it was before... Arguing with postfix, cyrus, and stunnel... whee!

I decided a few days ago that it was time to sit down and really do some development. I picked up the Java SWING book and started reading... and decided I needed to take one step back and get Learning Java. Got it, and started reading.

Then got distracted by this whole "bad server disk" issue. Oh well. I really want to have something to show before someone calls me in for another interview. I wonder when I'll get time to do it.

This weekend? Heh. I am torn between Arisia and Mystery Hunt. Which means that the programming takes the back seat until Monday, at the least. Unless I decide to hermit myself for the weekend and get this thing written. That's an option, I suppose.

And now I hear about a concert tonight that I think I read about and then forgot about at some point in the past... and would seriously consider going to if I still can. Time to search my mailbox for old mail.
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elan montage

back up and running

Whew. Finished all the configuration of the various SSL tunneling and imap login and postfix whatchamajiggies.

Last night we went to the colo, opened our server, took out an ethernet card, and swapped a 60G hard drive for a 40G hard drive. And this was an upgrade. Weird.

Hmm. I don't seem to have pictures. Did I forget to renew my paid account? Oops... You'd think there'd be some warning.
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