January 9th, 2003

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Good lunch, seeing friends, running errands... whee.

So I made it to the gym again today. Soon I'll have to step up beyond just doing aerobic stuff, and being more careful about stretching afterwards. Friday I'll get back on the weights. It'll be great.

Saw Talk to Her this afternoon. Really fun movie, I'd even call it "great." You really feel for the characters. And it just... worked. I should go back to some other Almodovar stuff and see if I "get it" better than I did the first time seeing it (back in the day)...

Guild night in DAoC was excellent, for once. We got some serious XP gathering going, and lots of fun to boot.

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resolution 3

one more thing...

I need need need to start showering first thing in the morning after waking up. These blahs of sitting in my room all day putzing around moving papers from one side of the room to the other are just getting to be too much.

winter school

I don't know that I'm ever going to try any of this crazy stuff they're teaching us to survive... but it's still fun to know. Look out White Mountains, if you suddenly pop up under me and I have a chance to go through my pile of stuff in my closet, I can survive long enough to get out!

In other news, I agreed to go to Waterville Valley with a small winter school group led by my friend... Sunday I'll go skiing, unless they discover they don't actually need my car. Yeah, I'm starting to think that I may just punt. Sad, ain't it? I don't know why, I need to be pushed and shoved kicking and screaming into doing something that's a lot of fun. I guess I just like sitting at home and relaxing more than doing fun things.

Or something. It's my inherently lazy nature, in some ways. How do you beat such a thing? I can't keep being a burden on my friends this way, making them push me into things...
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