December 23rd, 2002



Damn I've been spending this season ungrateful. I am sitting here watching TV, just, um, sitting here. I've got all these friends, I've ...

I don't know. I just feel like I can't do anything for the people in my life and... I'm wasting the day away. I've got all this time, and I need to...

Nah. This week was going to be a vacation, and a vacation it will be.

Wait a sec. Did I have an appointment with the DET guy? Uh oh.

a couple hours later...

Damage control done. DET forms turned in. Job search progress proven, benefits continued.

Go me.

Now all I need is a job, so's I can, um, stop getting those benefit things. And so I can stand a prayer of paying the taxes on said bennies.

Oh, yeah. And so I can get back that feeling of accomplishment and stuff.
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