December 9th, 2002


an unconscious conspiracy of friends

Last night saw the most amazing concordance of fate that I have ever

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So what happened? I don't know; maybe the universe is looking out for
me. Maybe the universe is just inherently tiny. A lot of things
friends said, or did, or didn't do, over the past few months, came
together into one moment last night. It was like the season finale of
a TV series or something, when all the elements of the arc plots come
together in a very meaningful way...

And all that confusion over what job was more interesting? It seems
to have gotten a swift kick in one direction. I guess what the
Universe is really doing here is telling me that I want to see
customers and help them solve their problems in a hands-on kind of
way. Which I guess I already knew.

Oh, and belated-posted happy birthday, tikva! At least I
told you on time in person ;)
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