December 5th, 2002


life is good...

and iJournal just crashed. So it's time to start over.

Let's see. Two great dates with tikva. Hot muffins straight out of the oven at the Somerville stealth bakery yesterday morning. Need to visit that place more often, Wow.

Then, got home, checked email. Decided it was time to pay DI a little visit, give them the next invoice, and see if there's anything that can be done... (oops, just realized - I was supposed to log in there today and see the results of my work that day... I should do that tonight before sleeping).

So I log on to zephyr, and see J there, feeling down... Got to cheer her up by getting lunch with her in Lexington, between home and work in Burlington. And guess what! The development team at her workplace is looking for people! Medical devices, looking for Java GUI stuff. I'm so qualified for this thing... well, at least in that I can learn Java pretty quickly, and it sounds like the job actually consists of Java GUI at as the first project, and many other things as you go along. She got them to look at my resume, and I got email later in the day! Wednesday provides one (1) job opportunity!

Then I get to the Burlington office, and who is there but Kurt, the ex-VP of Sales, sitting in the conference room, with a pad of paper, working on something. He says hi as I pass by, and I duck in to catch up on old times. Turns out Kurt wants to talk about new times, the company he's been working on for a bit... An email exchange later, and he wants to hear back from me! Two! Two job opporutnities!

(Grr... iJournal crashes yet again. Time to write my comments in a real editor, and do the posting seperately. Good thing I've been saving periodically.)

Then, in the afternoon, as I'm working on some stuff, my friend Mike forwards me a message from the MIT EECS jobs list, about a job in Medford, this company does real-time stuff, some seriously cool sounding projects, and I have almost all the qualifications for it! Excepting, unfortunately, actual real-time applications background... But I think I can pick it up relatively quickly, and I love the idea of working on and becoming intimately involved in something new to me like that.

Three! Three potential jobs! Bwhahaa! *thunder crashes*

*knocks on wood*

Then this afternoon, I got a call from this company I applied at a month or so ago. Maybe longer. Anyway, I talked to them a bit about their application, and it sounds like yet another thing I'd like to be working on!

Four! Plus teaching!

I really have to give some serious, serious thought to what I actually *want* to end up doing. Where I want to end up. What I want to *do* for a living. Because it would seem that I have a choice between a number of good choices...
  • customer-centric debugging and support of real-time software
  • GUI for embedded systems (medical devices, or the network thing that I haven't talked about yet in LJ, I don't think)
  • Teaching
  • C++ Business Intelligence software, some server and front-end work
Of course, this is all a huuuuuge case of counting my chickens before they hatch, but... I really feel like I could do any of these jobs, and that they will all know it. I've got me a Java Swing book I've started reading. It looks really quite cool, actually. And I've got a contact in the teaching thing, and I'm waiting on info from the MINT program... So... It's all moving forward. Everything's copacetic. Do people really use that word?

In addition to all this stuff to think about, I need to make travel plans for Minnesota this Christmas.
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3:40 >> 0:30

What a difference a new battery makes in an iBook!

Even if I did miss the warranty period on the thing out of stupidity, and I did have to spend a chunk of cash while unemployed, it feels good to have a new battery...

And now that I know I'm out of warranty I can get the guts up to take off the cover and remove the paint, and put something of my own in the cover! :) Maybe...

I feel alive or something these days... It's amazing.
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