November 21st, 2002



I've played way too much DAoC in the past week or so. I'm almost caught up to my guild's par though, so soon hopefully I'll cut way back as I go in only once a week on guild night... Though there will still be some pull for the game, with crafting and the like. Hopefully I won't get too much into having an alternate character, and I can get back my freedom soon.

Something else to do with my time would be nice. The job search goes ok. There's a place in Maryland that I'm waiting for a call back from. The job sounds nice, despite the fact I'd have to move for it. Not much is biting around here anyway, and most any place is as good as another right now. I know people in Portland (Oregon), Pittsburgh, and Minneapolis, so I'm looking in those places a little extra, but...

I'm just a big lameo lately. I ordered food in today rather than going out and getting groceries like I promised myself I would. At least I took care of some of the paperwork I needed to do to keep myself going this way for a while. I need to do some more on the consulting gig. Tomorrow will be a good day for that.

But I do have an excellent date coming up. I should keep that in mind when I think of myself as lame. I just need to make myself into a reasonable human being again before the date. :)

I hereby resolve to limit myself to one hour of DAoC tomorrow and Friday, each. All I did today was watch TV, play DAoC, and give up way too easily on attempt #2 to work on the consulting gig from home. That is totally unacceptable.
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