October 13th, 2002

elan montage

"That was a good exit"

I love it when my straight lines get picked up on, and tossed back with more straight lines. And, to risk descending into cliche, cute people are definitely cute. :)

And interesting conversations at a party are interesting.

I need to write a story, or a game world, that incorporates the idea of an orbital cyclotron creating antimatter to ship down to the surface for use in energy. The conversation started talking about Iridium, and got to getting energy from the surface from orbit, and it just spun out of control to that idea.

At one point, we talked about the beginning of the James Bond movie that uses this idea... Antimatterfinger takes over the computer on one of the satellites shooting down this package of antimatter... They're going through the routine launch sequence, and the control room erupts in a frenzy of action; "the targetting system is offline!" "Emergency shutdown is failing!" "Someone tell me where that went!" fade to a shot of the Australian outback ... a flaming meteor crashes to the Earth, creating a bit of a crater. Enter the SUVs with the evil mastermind's logo stenciled on the side.

These things write themselves, really. That may be the problem with the James Bond franchise these days.

I need to become more literate in this animation stuff... Found out there's a whole world of stuff out there that I've missed. Calendars to start scanning and bringing highlights of into mine:
  • Brattle Theater, Harvard Square
  • Iron Horse, Northampton
  • Coolidge Corner Theater, Coolidge Corner
  • Club Passim, Harvard Square
  • Somerville Theater, Davis Square
  • Kendall Theater, Kendall Square
And I need more entries for that list. And where can I go to find a decent tiny open mike night near here?
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