October 9th, 2002


taking stock of the situation...

One job listing was actually a headhunter looking for people to work in Danvers. I've applied for two Microsoft jobs (no word back), and four Apple jobs (no word back). On Monster, my resume has been viewed 4 times by employers. One more socially local lead might prove interesting.

Two of the Apple jobs are for a mysterious "Pittsburgh office" of Apple. Anyone know anything about any companies in Pittsburgh recently bought by Apple? Might be an eight-letter compound word starting with "Blue"? (Unless it's Bluehook, which is in Colorado, in which case the guy was confused...) I did not realize at the time I was asking around the Apple seminar about this listing that I might be getting into confidential "Apple Rumor" territory. Heh. :)

I got the Beauty and the Beast DVD yesterday, in a fit of splurigitude... Mostly because I've been being so diligent on the job search lately. As it turns out, being unemployed is very boring to me. I really need to start up a programming project soon, or I'll go nuts.

But I still feel more alive than I have in a while. And that's cool.

Plus the heat is on in the house now, and that helps. Gotta fight off this cold.
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