October 4th, 2002


the news

So six coworkers and I got laid off from work yesterday. It doesn't feel as bad as I would have expected, actually; it's kinda nice to sit here, expecting some severance money in a bit, and unemployment, and some savings, and I can be pretty much ok for a couple months, I think.

So I get a chance to catch up on a bunch of LJ I have unread... and write some, too. Not that I really have much to say.

I was really getting back into the groove of things. I felt a bit like a hybrid QA/Developer kind of person, which I think is what a good QA person should end up feeling like, if the thing they're working on is conducive to that. The new QA manager was pretty good, and was starting to get into the swing of things. Then this came along, and, among other things, her legs got swept out from under her as a large part of her team went *poof* in one day.

Eh. Whatever. Well-deserved rest coming up. Coming down with a slight cold right now, but it'll be ok soon enough.

I'm just grateful for having had the last five weeks in which to regain my confidence as a software engineer. Had I been let go five weeks ago, in that last crisis, I would not be anywhere near as with-it as I am right now.

Time to gussy up the resume.
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