September 24th, 2002


more good stuff

So let's see... what's happened in the past week or so? I mentioned the work stuff...

The night I got the good news about the project, I went out and bought a new PC. Once I had it, and set it up, my life felt back in balance. I have a stable platform at home (at least for now, Windows XP seems rather nice, I have to admit), I have a kickass laptop (which I no longer take to work, since it provides distraction), and work is back on track. My life is falling back into place...

I installed DAoC on the PC that night, as well, and played my character a bit. (Lochinola on Nimue, in Hibernia, if anyone cares.) It's a fun game. I'm up to level 9 with my Nightshade, and I've even been hitting the crafts a bit.

I got to write code for my job last week. I was talking to someone about multithreaded testing, complaining about the multithread architecture in the client library, and the cilent team lead's head pops up over the wall and says "The thread stuff is a little messy, isn't it? You could attack that problem, you know." And I said "Really? I could? I'm kinda supposed to be doing this other stuff, but that could kind of be considered part of the work, I suppose." and he said "Well, if you thought it wouldn't take more than an evening, it'd probably be ok." So I went ahead and coded it up in an evening. And then submitted it for review.

Then got back a bunch of documentation requests and the like. We went back and forth on a bunch of stuff, and after I cleaned it up a lot (most of it was like that when I got there, but I guess that doesn't really fly when the point of your change is to clean things up)... Turns out I spent two and a half days on the project, overall. While it was a bit of a sidetrack from the main task, it was fun, it got me psyched for the next part of my project, and it gave me a little time for the nature of the next part to sink into my brain. And I got to contribute to my old team.

Got a new boss. This is probably good.
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Friday night I saw Spirited Away at the Coolidge theater. Very good Miyazaki film. It had everything a good Miyazaki film has... though some of the thoughts I had it are kind of spoilerful; it did have some weaknesses. I couldn't figure out what attributes the main character had that made her successful overall, what made her the hero, besides the fact she was the central character of the show. I like the character to succeed because of some strength she has, not just because the camera's pointed at her.

Saturday morning I saw the new episode of Jackie Chan Adventures. Well, no, I saw last week's episode on my Replay. I failed to watch the new one, and still have yet to see it. But it looks like more of the same; they're keeping Jade very much front and center, and that's got its good and bad points. But it's a good show, with heart, and I enjoy watching it.

Then I poked around on the Replay and found the Enterprise and Firefly premieres (well, Enterprise was starting its second season). Enterprise really disappointed me; they set up this big kaboom, and then defused it with deus ex machina after deus ex machina. They even went so far as to include a line about time travel: "We're not in a Jules Verne novel, there's no way you could possibly understand." Grrrrrr.

Firefly, on the other hand, rocked my world. This is the universe I want to see sci fi done in. Rough edges and all, some slight stylistic stretch marks, this thing has the makings of a true gem. Minimal use of tech, except as a matter-of-fact part of the universe, interesting political things happening, the David vs. Goliath thing, this is the adventures of Han Solo in a universe that borders on steampunk. I love it! Joss even made sure to toss in a Willow and a Xander, for us Buffy fans... It has his sense of humor stamped all over it, and a good sense of optimism even in a dark future.

This is the universe I want to game in. I've said that about other things: Song of Ice and Fire, Babylon 5, Traveller, Rurouni Kenshin... But this time I think I really mean it. I may put together some d20 rules that make a decent sci-fi game, or just steal them from T20 when I get my copy (it ships real soon now, apparently)...

Gaming is hard lately, though. Everyone I know is really busy, too busy to schedule any games. It's very sad. It might be easier if I lived in Somerville, where I could do some random pickup gaming. I don't know. At least there's DAoC now.