September 15th, 2002


panic attack...

low energy. Too much blood going to the digestive tract or something.

Doing things at work take longer than they should. I spent two hours tonight going over what should have been a simple section of the document.

I'm afraid to take the afternoon off tomorrow for a baseball game. I should have asked about it weeks ago, then it would be all right, not out of the blue.

My PC is dead. Right after I started having fun with DAoC, my weekend pursuit, my PC crashed on me and hasn't come back since. I'm tempted to spend money on a new PC. Just be done with the hassle, done with the annoyance of a PC that never had a warranty because I put it together from parts. If the next one breaks, I can take it to the people who sold it to me and say "fix it!" I just want something to go right for once...

I'm just so... tired... of not being who I thought I was. Can't I have my delusions back? Please?
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