September 7th, 2002

elan montage

i wonder...

Have i reached that all-important zen state of not caring about finding an SO? I feel like I have, actually. It comes, I think, from being in a state of neutrality on almost all fronts of my interpersonal life, where I don't feel like an opportunity is there now that I have to try for or I'll miss it dammit!

And realizing that nothing is imminent... I can relax at last. I'm in a calm state... which is damn good because I can't take more distractions from that quadrant of my life right now.

The hobby side is flaring up a bit this week... Played a bunch of video game (Eternal Darkness, followed by Super Mario Sunshine, though I'll probably go back soon since Mario just doesn't have the pizazz he used to... there're some really just plain dumb puzzles in this game.) Put back together my PC (for the last time, hopefully!), and ...

Oooh, I bet it's running slow because there's a PC100 DIMM on the motherboard! If I swap out memory I should be able to figure out which one is the culprit!

But anyway, where was I? Got the PC back together... helped someone with a bit of a computer project this afternoon (that was fun, even if it was just shuffling bits around :)

Had a good night with some karaoke last night. Hanging out with people is most excellent for my mood. I should figure out more excuses to do it, more casually...

Hmm. Sides of my life. Interpersonal... Hobbies... Work... ...and Home? I guess I could split up my life in four ways that way. Seems a little weird, not quite symmetrical... I'll work on it.

But as for home, I may have an idea how to rearrange my bedroom so that I'll have space again. Interestingly enough, moving stuff around has given me a lot more floor... The room doesn't feel tiny anymore. I love it. :) Maybe tomorrow I'll finish.

I have a couple of gaming things to write up before too much longer, for the benefit of other people in the game. I agreed to do it, I should just sit down and do it.
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