September 2nd, 2002


parties that just work

My social circle just, like, totally dominated that party. I knew everyone at that party, and many of the people there didn't know my housemates. I feel a little guilty, but I was expecting them to have brought people I didn't know either; it was supposed to be that kind of party. Evidently their friends I didn't know... assumed the rain meant the BBQ was cancelled, or something.

I think we had like 25 people here. I fed people lasagne, and it was just an excellent time. Housemate name did most of the work making the lasagna, including helping me shop for groceries in the morning... Guest name showed up and made strawberry shortcake filling to go with the shortcakes Another Housemate name bought at Star (he also did the emergency run for the stuff we forgot in the first Star run)... Coworker name brought pecan pie and most of the strawberries, and other people brought lots of other stuff. The party basically materialized as people pitched in and made it happen. Beautiful.

And cute people were there in abundance! What a confidence builder. :)

I even had enough energy to get through all the cleanup afterwards really quite quickly. Yeaaah... Now I feel like the kitchen is broken in. And there are some ingredients there for me to start with (some leftover meat sauce, some burger patties, and some hot dogs. And eggs... and milk...) And I'm no longer afraid of the Star on Comm Ave. It's really quite convenient!

And we used the self check-in for a huge amount of groceries this morning. It was quite exhilirating, though I flubbed a couple of things, I think.

This is an occasion for the self-confident Capt. Archer LJ pic. Definitely.
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