August 30th, 2002


the haircut urge

The haircut urge came and went this weekend, along with my worry that I was being all focused on the wrong things...

But it's coming back slowly as I start to think about the reasons I have long hair. Is it really because I like it, or is it more because I think other people like it? Is it enough to like it because it's something other people like? My hair does nice things when it's long; it's got a good thickness, and a good slight curl to it.

I owe my parents a lot for having brought some good hair genes together and mixed them in an interesting way, and that's part of what I like about it. It reminds me of them, to some extent. My dad loves it, my mom is always on my case to let her give me a haircut.

Maybe I'll go get a trim, have them look at getting rid of the sideburns that have crept down the side of my face over the course of a year, and just ask advice on taking care of it.

Orange. Orange had crossed my mind once or twice over the weekend, too. It's not my favorite color, but it's the color I've thought of doing my hair. Because of the whole Gaav possibility for Halloween, and because purple, blue, and green, my favorite colors, have all been taken. :)

I wonder if asking on LJ will have better luck than asking on zephyr did. Anyone know where I can get an orange trenchcoat?
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funky food days

urge to eat ramen... rising...

must... have... salt!

*pours hot water into styrofoam cup* *waits 3 minutes*

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