August 2nd, 2002

elan montage

an exchange...

Y: wow... FBI wants congress to take lie detector tests... this is SOO wrong. since when is congress accountable to the FBI?
me: is this about the leaks of info about 9/11? ever since they stifled traficant's voice and painted him as a nut
Y: leaks... yeah. oh please... traficant IS a nut...
me: good point :) but it makes a good conspiracy theory. It's all ashcroft, I say! "Soon the last remnants of the old republic will be swept away."
Y: err... yeah, sure... whatever :)
me: What, you don't think ashcroft makes an awful vader, with bush as palpatine?
Y: never heard of those guys, but Bush does make a great Nero
me: Nero? the guy from Strange Days?
Y: yeah, him... IDIOT.

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elan montage

unproductivity... but some comprehension

Ok, now this is funny. It's the pictorial tale of how Legos built Andy's computer for him. Great captions. :)

In the meantime, the back of my brain is chugging through the steps in the intricate dance XMLStream and XMLReader perform with Selectable. Honest.
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