July 17th, 2002

elan montage


Apple announced a few really good items today, including the 10G iPod that's thinner and has a remote and a case, and the 17" widescreen iMac. These are both things I've been "waiting" for... but looking at it now, I still can't afford it. And really, I don't particularly need either item. So... I'm actually pretty good with knowing this stuff that I've been looking forward to seeing available is out, and knowing I'm not getting any of it in the foreseeable future. I must have become well-adjusted at some point or something; I stopped wanting stuff for stuff's sake.

Ok, it's not just for stuff's sake that I kinda want these things, but the benefit doesn't outweigh the cost yet, is what it really comes down to.

And iTunes 3 is out and looks pretty good. Song ratings! Smart playlist generation! Composers for classical music!

Anyway, time to get down to some serious coding. And tonight, I pack the kitchen and get my stuff out of the basement. And pack my clothes.
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