July 12th, 2002

elan montage


Talking is good. Setting expectations is good. Finding out why things were feeling so shaky is good.

Spilling my guts for her and still being accepted... is excellent.
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elan montage

more mundane bits of life

In other news, I have my tickets for Gen Con 2002, and have preregistered for a couple of events, though I was preregistering so late that many of the things I would have liked to do were full. :-/ Next year for sure.

Maybe I should take a little time to write up a little mini-adventure for one night with the people I'll be there with. Simple straight-up D&D one-night mystery/adventure thing. I think that would be an excellent idea. :)

Moving sucks. I need to pack soooo much stuff. We have boxes now, though, and that'll help a bit, not just having to use what I have leftover from last year's move (the stuff that wasn't coopted by my housemates to hold recycling, anyway. grr.) I've got a lot of work in the pipeline for this weekend. I should remember to stop by Unseen tomorrow in order to get my old computer equipment from them, and determine what goes to Swapfest next week (unfortunately, the week *after* the move)...

I managed to cook a couple of meals this week. I should make sure to cook again this weekend, don't let the rest of my mango guacamole go to waste (I've basically been using it as sauce for cooking meat in olive oil, so far. No better ideas come to mind for using the stuff :-/)

This eating less carbohydrates seemed to be going quite well... until today, when I had a bagel, home fries, and a few of B's french fries at lunch (with the protein/grease stuff I meant to eat)... followed by a brownie... followed by a slice of someone's birthday cake (Tosci's Ice Cream Cake. Irresistable. Wow.) So now I'm feeling a little tired as I realize that, in fact, sugars and starches really *do* do this to me.

And now it's almost time for a different birthday dinner, at an Italian restaurant. Still, I should be able to stock up on veggies and meat dishes there. Mmm, marinara sauce... and cheese...

But it was nice feeling able to use the kitchen at home. Maybe this will continue at the new place; I have expectations that that kitchen will be nicer than our current one. And Coolidge will be walking distance to a Trader Joe's! Woot!

Work. Hmm. I should get a bunch done at work Real Soon Now. That would be nice. This week has been almost a wash as I've been stressed by various things and distracted by other various things.

Interesting how "mundane" is the word I use for non-relationship stuff, instinctively... The relationship is still magic... mysterious, mystical how-did-this-actually-happen-to-me?... Neat. :)
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