June 30th, 2002

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I do like being a neutral third party. It's safer, somehow.

Like my homepage has said for a long time, "peering out from the eye of the storm"... except I've taken that first step in, I guess.


Clarification added: "The storm" is, um, a whole life thing, not a specific-to-a-situation thing. A friend commenting made me realize this sounds like something it isn't, the way I phrased it. Heh.

That'll teach me to be poetic.
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Mysterious Cities of Gold

Talk about a memory from my youth! I have the Mysterious Cities of Gold in .rm (RealVideo) format now, looks like I got all 39 episodes :) Getting them down from my intermediate site will take a little time, but soon I will be burning CDs as I watch.

This rocks! I used to love this series! W00t!

Why does this make me think back to what I really wanted out of gaming?
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fucking iJournal crashing and losing my post.

too many thoughts to count, a whirlwind of them...

  • overcompensation

Damn. I had such a good list. But as I wrote the list down I checked each thing off mentally as "yep, there it is." and now I can't write it...

  • Mysterious Cities of Gold, some excellent nostalgia there
  • is it for me?
  • what happened that one night?
  • is it easier when it's not important?
  • am i hurting the people i know by flailing about so uncontrollably?
  • path of least/most resistance
  • the other shoe? the forces are at work even now
  • Lilo and Stitch was very, very good. Best classically-animated Disney flick in a long while.
  • Spiderman was good to see a second time as well
  • what the hell?
  • awkwardness is really, really, starting to build up in my intestinal lining, and working its way through my stomach up out my throat
  • sow the wind, reap the whirlwind? How's that line go? That can't be right. Should be something else you sow, like the clouds, or... or...
  • need to get my self-control back. Flirting doesn't feel good like this, I don'[t think.
  • fear for the future.
  • can i just go back to watching cartoons? or sci-fi movies? I could still catch a showing of the Minority Report at this late hour, I bet. Well, maybe not now, I probably have waited too long for it.
  • Crap. I feel like I'm crawling out of a pile of rubble. I must need sleep.

There. I think that about does it. I may expound in individual entries over the next couple days.

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maybe this is another one of those fucking sleep deprivation moods.

Geez. How could I forget the fact I got up at 8am after getting to bed at 3? It'll all be better in the morning.

Though, how do I know that what I'm thinking when I'm sleep deprived is false, when the awake times might just be the full force power of self-delusion?

Ah, right, because absolutely nothing is clear right now. And it seems likely to stay that way.
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naming thoughts?

Any thoughts on me retaking the name shabby? Screw what people think... It's a unique identifier, which I've missed on several occasions. "It's Chris" still sounds wrong coming out of my mouth when I'm on the phone, and...

Bleah. Bonanza of babbletude! Definitely bedtime.