June 11th, 2002

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My Amazon order shipped, and my ebay auction shipped. With any luck I'll be getting Dance Dance Revolution and the metal pad at around the same time as each other. And cookbooks! Wonderful, wonderful cookbooks! Alton Brown, he da man.

So yeah. Stuff. That's where it's at these days. :)

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    "Smoke," Natalie Imbruglia
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gym day

Yay going to the gym. I really need to remember this feeling, and try to get it back again Thursday or Friday by cycling half an hour again. If I go again, I will buy a 6-week membership at Fitcorp next Tuesday.

Finally! A gym that doesn't make you commit to a whole year before letting you in the door!

Oh, and Neverwinter Nights has finally gone Gold! Huzzah!
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    "(III. Allegro)," Wendy Carlos
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I really wish someone would make a driving game like Gran Turismo or Project Gotham with the Storrow Drive/Memorial Drive loop in it. That would so kick ass. Driving down Storrow last night at 70 mph with the music blaring was just incredible.

But now, on to some Way of the Samurai.