June 3rd, 2002

elan montage

quick weekend update

Friday: Dinner with Serendipity and B. DDR, Rez, and Pinball with forgotten_aria and B. Discovered that at some point I learned how to play DDR, and had a lot of fun with it. Back to Serendipity to hang out, play Munchkin w/ expansions, and show off Rez again. Tried port, and went home at 3am.

Saturday: Decided to get a metal DDR pad. Bid on one on eBay. Went to Ace Wheelworks to get my bike fresh from repairs. Rode it around a bit. Went home, won the auction on eBay. Getting DDR soon! Drove friend to Galleria, watched her buy a TiBook. Drooled. Dropped off, went home. Went to see Undercover Brother with a housemate. Laughed my ass off. Really enjoyed it.

Sunday: Cancelled five old unused credit cards. Had lunch at Bertucci's Davis Square w/ forgotten_aria and a few others. Hung out in the square a bit afterwards, resisted the urge to get Spycraft from Your Move Games. Went home and cleaned up my paperwork files. Went to Diesel and hung out with obra, talked about various interesting projects that I may or may not be able to make time for.

Went home, hung out, called B about dinner, went to H^2 to try to visit Newbury Comics and Arrow St. Crepes (come back, Mr. Crepe!). Foiled on both fronts. Ended up at Rock Bottom Brewery, which would, if they just had a few more vegetarian options, be an excellent place ot go back to often. Hanging out was way cool though.

Monday: Finally managed to sleep in. Wrote a big LJ entry, lost it into the ether as my client flaked out a little. Wrote a small LJ entry. I'm about to drive to work, as it's too late to justify the time to bike to work. :-/ Oh well. Maybe tomorrow. Though it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Hmm.
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