May 29th, 2002

elan montage

not a bad day...

Got a lot done at work. I get my bike... um... tomorrow morning, I guess, since I'm about to go off and do something that will take until after Ace Wheelworks closes. But I got a bunch done, and now need to worry about this 401(k) stuff. I wonder if the 6/1 cutoff is real, or if I should just mail the form instead of FedExing it. Enh, what's another six months in the current 401(k) gonna do anyway? It should be fine where it is for a little while longer.

My eyes are tired, and I'm gonna go see a movie. I wonder if this is a good idea. I should be better by the time I get there though, dinner is happening first.

Didn't see B at all today, hope she's all right. I've started to force myself to chill about such things though. Clearly she's aiming for something a little less codependent than I've been trying for and that can be fine, as long as I am expecting it. And now I am.

It's all good. Or words to that effect.
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elan montage


Interesting game. Kinda hypnotic. Techno beat, you blow abstract things up to music. Whee. :)

I hate it when I get kinda tired and nauseous and the physical tiredness gets all mixed in with emotional tiredness. My eyes are tired, and I need some attention, something to relax me as I close my eyes... Someone sitting on my back as I lie on the bed here, just here to make me feel better. Just for once. No performing, no corrections when I make one of my little jokes, just sit back and shoot the breeeze about whatever is around.

Bleah. I need ... something. Maybe I'll blow a chunk of money on an iPod. No, not fun enough. No thing can do anything here. Maybe getting my bike tomorrow and expending some energy to get to work will help my tomorrow night.

Hm, Rez looks like one of those games that would be popular with people who take drugs. Heh.

*sigh* Too tired for video games. Too wired for sleep. Hm, I bet I could sleep if I closed the laptop and turned off the TV.
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