May 19th, 2002

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what an astounding couple of weeks

Despite a couple lows (which seems to be all I really wrote about here), I have had the most amazing couple of weeks here. Had a serious crunch week, did little but sleep and work, was surrounded by amazing people doing the same, and really just felt amazing about the whole thing. Then the end of crunch came, and I have been enjoying my four-day weekend thoroughly. Walked all over the area yesterday, saw the inside of lots of places I've only ever driven or walked past before, and then had a very nice evening indeed. :)

Today, went to Foxwoods, lost very little, watched a(n apparently important) horse race live, and saw Star Wars (a second time) nearby with a couple old school friends. Saw another friend in the evening and learned a little to play the drums. :) And now, I am completely zonked. 'fraid I didn't sleep very well last night, and then got up early to go to Foxwoods, and then spent the whole day active (except for the nap during the crappy parts of Star Wars)...

Maybe I shoulda watched Spider-Man instead, as it was clearly the superior movie, in the romance and special effects departments, anyway. Except for the Yodafight, of course. But it would have been lame to punt on the group viewing of the movie (at least I told them I wasn't going to wait to see it with them *first*...)

Hmm... I think it is time to curl up with a Cocoa Programming book and read myself to sleep. Yay!
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elan montage

so much for a weekend...

Worked from home this afternoon, and then after a few hours ended up going into the office to get things straightened out. We got it all figured out after a short bit of runaround... so I guess it's all right, but there goes that 4-day-weekend rhythm. It actually started last night with a midnight call from a coworker, actually... Should have known it was coming.

Eh, whatever. It's like this week's Enterprise episode. Worst. Shoreleave. Ever.

If only I had slept better last night. I wonder what's up with that.
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