May 17th, 2002

elan montage

looking back...

Almost a year since I left my old job at DI for this startup thang... We just got out of a week of crunch (Friday-Sunday 40 hours, Monday-Wednesday 40 hours, 6 hours Thursday)... and I went to see Episode 2 after work tonight, to kick off a four-day weekend of "Y'all done good. Now don't let us see your faces here 'til Tuesday." Which was excellent.

I saw some DI people at the movie tonight, and it was then that I realized that for the first time, now, looking back at the past year in the new job... Right now is the first time that I've had no doubts that leaving DI was the right thing to do. Permabit has been so completely good for me as a developer, as a software engineer, and as a human being who has self-worth, that it's not even funny.

And for that I'm grateful that I took that extremely difficult and painful step last June.

In other news, Episode 2 was... hmm... wasn't bad. I groaned at quite a bit of it, but overall it was pretty good. I think this weekend when I go to CT for lunch and movie with old friends I may see Spider-Man a second time while they see Ep 2... though it may be time to see it a second time by then. I don't know.
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