May 4th, 2002

elan montage


You know that mood where you just want to punch a hole in a wall, or something? Recommendation: don't drive while under the effects of that mood.

Nothing happened, it just felt like something wanted to happen.

Then I get home and I still want to punch a hole in a wall.


Fucking Steer Roast.
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elan montage

mmm, manic-depressive

Which is it, a vase, or two faces? I feel like last night was the product of utter foolishness, my own inability to say things, but last night I know I thought it was the other way around, that I was fooling myself by daylight.

Which is it? Can't I just choose to believe the good moods are right, and the bad moods are really the effect of brain chemistry? I bet that's the case, I used to have those bad moods, and they were just less impactful. Whatever. Gotta run, time to go watch a movie.
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    "Prince Charming," Jim's Big Ego