April 28th, 2002

elan montage

started to take one of those personality tests...

When I struck a very basic question that stumped me. "Which do you prefer? order or chaos?"

I like a bit of an ordered life... I'm at my best when I can actually make my room neat, order my thoughts, and feel... truly at rest. But my life tends to chaos. My room is a mess, and...

...and instead of taking more time to bitch about it I went and straighted out. A little. There's still not a place for everything, but... it's a little nicer, anyway.

Anyway, that was beside the point. I like to keep things orderly, that was half the point. The other half was, I generally, um, don't. My style of coding is more "just-in-time" chaos-based stuff than it probably should be, and so much of what I do with each day is unplanned, just left to chance...

I don't know. This is a very unformed thought right now, just the beginning of a thought. And it's too hot in my room and I am thinking of snacking before bed, since I had a kinda small dinner. It wouldn't be bad for me, I don't think.

Think I'll do that.
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