April 27th, 2002

elan montage

Well, that was odd

I guess in that dry spell of mine a bunch of people signed up for LJs and found me and made me their friends! I've figured out who most of them are, but not quite all of them. How embarrassing :)

Hello, everybody! Watch this space for more, um, words, and stuff. In the morning. After I've gotten some sleep. Yar.
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elan montage


the "Dark Willow" episode is on my Replay! Time to watch!

Now if only my throat would stop feeling like there's a cat hair or a grain of pollen stuck in there. Maybe I should gargle some orange juice...
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Nope, that wasn't allergies. It was an actual, real live cold, coming on. Time to hole up in bed and stay warm, try to fight it off by Monday.

No bowling for me... :(
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    "In Your Eyes," Peter Gabriel
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headache... and books?

Where are the books I should be reading? Don't I have a pile here somewhere? I don't see it... Hmm, at least there are comic books at work, I know that. But I should have some real books that need readin' here... I thought.

Oh well, time to reread something, I guess.

I hope I don't have to skip brunch tomorrow. That would suck...

I'm really glad I'm not spending this headache time trying to think about important stuff. That would suck. I can just stare at the ceiling if I like. Nothing will happen til Monday.
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