April 25th, 2002

elan montage


Feeling better and worse right now.

Brookline has me worried. A 8/1 lease end date has me worried. A driveway shared with a stranger has me worried. A 7/1 move-in (swap, really) date has me vaguely worried. Other, cheaper options seem easier and closer, and cheaper. And I feel like I should have gone off on my own, instead of tying my fate to the guys...

Bleah. At least Ed's apartment is rented now. More importantly, I don't feel bad about that at all. It was way too expensive.

What to do, what to do. Maybe the driveway will work itself out. Maybe the move date will be all right. If those happen, then I think I'm all right with the lease ending in August... Apparently it's not an unheard of moving date.
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