April 9th, 2002

real me


I have a headache.

We just found out that, in fact, we're being forced out of our apartment, come June 1. The landlord wants her place back. And so we begin the search. Though she's willing to let us move into her current place, in Brookline. Which might not suck. Or might. It's near Coolidge Corner, closer to the Holiday Inn on Beacon St., so it'd be an easy drive to the BU Bridge and over to work. But having visitors would be even harder, and... *sigh* Maybe I should go back to plan A and find a 2-3 bedroom to have myself or split with Dan.

So now I have this headache. No idea what to do. And I still haven't dealt with getting the money out of my Minnesota account so as to start a Roth IRA.
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    "Falling for the First Time," Barenaked Ladies