March 17th, 2002

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Karaoke and Sushi

Summary: Good idea, suboptimal execution.

Last night, I got a bunch of my friends to go to Tatsukichi in downtown Boston to get sushi and sing karaoke... Turns out Tatsukichi is completely unsuited for large groups, and we had significant problems with the service. Even worse (in my eyes), the Karaoke was awful. The player had this awful buzz, only one of the two microphones worked, and the sound kept cutting out completely. No one who was there had any idea how to fix all the technical problems. It was annoying.

Thankfully, I was surrounded by friends, some of whom were able to express my annoyance to the management so that I could just keep on going through the night having as much fun as I could. It did turn out ok, thanks to my friends.
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missing chunk of me

That was weird. This morning I was watching some TV, and something came up about the pain of loneliness. And I reached into myself reflexively, to stretch that angst muscle, and I realized it wasn't there. There's a mixed feeling for you.

Although the tired achiness in my brain no longer seems to have anything to masquerade as. Definitely tiredness. Ponderous.

But really, it's so nice to be confident of something for once. Wow.
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real me


Hmm, I need to find a realtor soon. Come June I'll need a two or three bedroom place for $1k to $1800, somewhere in Arlington, Davis Square, or Cambridge, I'm guessing.

Anyone have a good realtor to recommend?
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dinner plans...

I really, really want a chance to cook some pot roast soon, by the Good Eats recipe. :) It looks sooooooo good.

Pot Roast... and some asparagus! Yeah! No, wait, maybe some spinach... Spinach Salad! Yeah... Hmm, I have no idea if I should make soup, or what.

Hmm, gravy.

In other news, I'm really looking forward to Andy Richters Controls the Universe this Tuesday. Thank goodness Buffy's in reruns.
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