March 13th, 2002



Went to a concert last night. Realized something.

Art is the ability to keep from shying away from pretension. You have to be willing to go out beyond what you know sometimes, and just say things that may work, and may not work, but in general, presume to speak on some point, braving peril. I listened to some of the songs and thought, "Wow, that person's understanding of this is so different from mine." And you have to admire the ability to make that leap, whether it works for you or not.

In other news, where are the lines between
  • Lameness / disinterest in a potential SO,
  • Appropriate levels of contact, and
  • Stalking
placed? I feel like that middle ground is this tiny highwire, and either side, the place where it gets inappropriate or sends the wrong signals, is this vast space to fall into on either side. And I'm sure I weave back and forth unpredictably along that continuum over time. Where are the lane markings, dammit?
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    "Murder By Numbers," The Police


It's these quiet moments where nothing's happening but things are hanging over my head that drive me nuts. Need something for my brain gears to engage. Oh, look. Work.
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