February 13th, 2002

elan montage


Meetings went well today. Work gets better. Life is kinda good again.

Had a productive day at work, went to an LSC Sneak Preview of "Hart's War" (pretty good movie, not really classifiable as either solidly a courtroom drama or completely a war movie, but somewhere in between. Fun. That guy reminded me of Ron Livingston, though, and it shoulda been him in that part.) Saw it with a cute friend, no less. Then I hit Davis Square in search of the fabled book, Transhuman Space (from Steve Jackson Games)... And Your Move Games had only one copy left (sorry Chad and Travis...) Then I went downstairs and on a whim, ducked into Yee's Village, the chinese restaurant I've never been in, sat down, and ate a decent Chinese dinner with a good book. It was a nice, quiet place to sit and read, even with the Olympics on the TV.

Transhuman Space looks ok; no idea how easy it will be to run a game in it yet, or if I want to try to convert it to D20 for my own nefarious purposes (I just don't like GURPS as a system :-/) but it at least has good source material and concepts to steal from in my own SF game. If I ever run one.

But it was just nice to sit and read.

Oh, and thanks to Pete, I now have the Secular Humanist Revival playing in the tape deck in my car. I've listened to maybe 15 minutes of it so far, and some of it is a little oversimplified for my tastes, but most of it is good. It's good fun, at the very least. :)

So now I go to bed early, trying to figure out which of my three books I'm in the middle of I want to read to make myself sleepy. I hope I didn't drink too much tea at dinner; I need to get up early tomorrow for breakfast. I have two books I've already read (A Game of Thrones and The Mote in God's Eye, and one gaming book (Transhuman Space) to choose from here... Whee :)
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