February 10th, 2002

elan montage


(Excerpted from a response to a friend's LJ post about her nightmares last night)

I woke up before 8am with a nightmare, too. It was a mixture of work anxiety and parking anxiety, as near as I can remember... Parking anxiety. I couldn't remember where I'd parked my car, I might have been towed, might have left my car somewhere with the keys still in it, I don't know... And I was trying to take the T. Only it wasn't the T, it was ... a vaguely familiar subway system, that I think I'd seen before in my dreams. But it's not real... I think it was mostly a reaction to having a headache while asleep, though. :-/

I went on to talk about the way religion and family seem to interact with my friends. One friend is getting grief from family members for a conversion, and another is worried about the reaction from family for an interfaith relationship. Two sides of the same coin, in my book, really. Except there's a lot of it out there, I think, a lot of religious ties. Mixed allegiances, maybe?

I guess it's the case with everyone... except me. My parents fought that battle for me. Interracial, interfaith marriage wasn't unheard of in 1969, but it still couldn't have been easy. And they raised me pretty much agnostic, and for that I'm so grateful. Putting religious preconceptions in a child's mind too early seems cruel to me, now. Taking away their choice as an adult, their ability to judge religious issues with any semblance of rationality.
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