January 11th, 2002

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thought for the evening

Serendipity sometimes does the occasional odd job for justice.

And I'd just like to say that Groovelily's little light has some incredible tracks on it. Everyone should buy a copy, wow. "I Want to Know What Love Is" - what a great revival/reimaging of this staple song of the 80s prom... ;-)
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elan montage


Oops. I guess my car is stuck at the dealer for the duration of the weekend. I forgot to go get it before they closed for the day. That means a weekend of getting used to walking and taking the T. Probably not a bad plan, really, to get used to that. Would go a bit of the way towards fulfilling one of my resolutions, to be better for the environment, avoiding driving as much as I do.

Another of my resolutions was car-related; take better care of the car. Well, it's about to demand it, it sounds like. The dealer said the tires were "shot;" that I needed new ones, all four of them. $400 for the tires, >$100 to mount, balance, and align them. I should find out what, say, NTB would want to do that work. And if they'd do it "while you wait." Who knows? But I think I believe the dealer when they say the tires are shot. The car just hasn't been handling like it used to. I wonder what would cause that though. Did I drive it too hard? Parallel park poorly one time too many? I should ask whoever I get my second opinion from. At least they'll have taken care of the 30000-mile service and the headlights and stuff like that. One fewer thing to worry about... That's probably over $100 of work right there, though.

I gotta start to remember, driving the car costs money, beyond gas money... It costs money, and it costs the world. If I can keep that in mind, I'll be better about not using the car willy-nilly.

In other news, that awkward in-between time when changing bank accounts is almost over, finally... *whew*

I wish I had someone cute and cuddly to hang out with tonight. I feel tired, and that makes me need contact a bit more, generally. I think I'll end up bugging out of work early and playing some Final Fantasy X or something instead... Maybe work on getting more photos into iPhoto. One last set remains to be gotten - the ones that languish on my old ThinkPad's hard drive. This'll be a good chance to clear off all the data from that system in preparation for sending it to my dad, actually. So there it is, a plan. Get the cobwebs out of the brain by throwing it at an easy problem.
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