December 30th, 2001

elan montage

brain spin

my brain is chasing its tail again... good evening, mixed signals, insecure doofus, all crashing together to turn into obsessive overanalysis of ... of whatever is happening.

What's it mean when... hm, it's too public here.

Overall, it's a good thing happening to me, even in the pre-bedtime haziness I can see that. :) I just get this chemical imbalance at this time of night or some such. That's probably it.
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elan montage


There's this feeling that comes and goes, associated often with a depressed mood... It hit me pretty hard while I watched The Royal Tenenbaums. There were some pretty heavy moments there, a lot of sort of angsty background noise, and... it was like a weight on my chest, that made me want to lie down, or have someone pound my back, or punch me out. I'm not sure yet if the mood I'm in today was a good background for the movie, or if it detracted. So far I'm thinking I felt the movie more deeply than if I were in a cheery mood. And that's what seeing movies is all about.

I guess lunch today was the first Mary's I've had in a while, maybe it's making me kind of tired...

The movie drained me something fierce. Hey, check it out, there's a "drained" mood.
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