December 29th, 2001

elan montage

*sigh of relief*

PVP is back... whew.

Now to make good on my promise. :)

In other news, tonight was Ethiopian food with two good friends. Incredible stuff, that. Kitfo, a spicy raw beef dish, was the main attraction for one of my friends, but I was really enjoying the taste of the Ethiopian bread (not as sour as some of the Ethiopian bread I've had before, this stuff was really good) with the veggies we had. Having the veggies (lentils, split yellow peas, collard greens, potatoes, and, um, others) with their sauces on the bread really makes it work. We also had some lamb dish that was pretty tasty.

I will go back there more often, consider it a new year's resolution. I know the way there, it's very near the corner of the Jamaica Way and Rt. 9 in, what, Jamaica Plain? Brookline? One of those towns... I should learn the name of the place. :)

Maybe I'll make it a weekly tradition, and get good amounts of veggies in my diet more often. Heh.

Tomorrow sounds like it may be a Kelly's day though. More on that later. *bounce* Hope I can fall asleep now.
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