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Holy Cow, but that man can speak

Garrison Keillor spoke at the Olmsted County DFL Fundraiser tonight, and that was the best $75 I have ever spent. I was nearly in tears at times as he spoke about what it is to be a Democrat, to believe in the common good, to move society forward, to speak to the country's conscience.

It was only afterwards, talking with one of the organizers of the event, that I found out that he's writing a book to come out soon on this subject... and I believe that everyone who was in that room will buy a copy, when they realize that they are being offered a chance to have that moment preserved in amber... I'm glad to have a signed program, but to have the words he said tonight available to me on my bedstand will be priceless.

We won't win with contempt; it's not our forté. Talk to your friends, one at a time, calmly, and we will win.

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